Dear Colleagues:

Jim Burke has invited me to lead a book talk on The Digital Writing Workshop on the EC Ning from September 5th through 25th. To that end, I am looking to you for ideas about how to supplement the online discussion threads with other collaborative digital writing tasks so we can highlight the ways that writing and learning are changing. Here are a few ideas that I have so far, and I would appreciate hearing more ideas from you as we think about how this book club could develop in the coming weeks...
  • Host a kick-off/closing webinar/chat/other online event
  • Collaborate on a VoiceThread that explores with key themes and questions from the book
  • Collaborate on a Prezi or other presentation that gathers key quotes from the book and connects them to online examples
  • Develop a gallery of teacher and student work on this wiki based on ideas from the book

What other ideas do you have? Please feel free to edit this page and add them here -- Thanks!