Gallery of Digital Writing

Inspired by the many conversations that I have had with teachers across the country and via the interwebs, I wanted to create a space for us to share truly exemplary digital work that students are creating. Since my book is "done," and this wiki is still quite alive, if you have a student piece that you would like to contribute to this page, please feel free to do so!

Exemplary Elementary Digital Writing

Exemplary Middle School Digital Writing

Close Reading Using Skitch.JPG
  • Digital Book Trailer: Crossed created by Lauren J. (Teacher: Jeremy Hyler)
  • Edublog Book Review: Skinny Create by Christina P (Teacher: Jeremy Hyler)
  • Close Reading of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Using Skitch by Luke and Tyler (Teacher: Jeremy Hyler) Shown at right.

My name is Sheila Cooperman am I am a teacher in a suburban school in Connecticut. Would love to share thoughts and can be reached on Twitter.
Several links will be attached. The students are sixth-graders in my English Language Arts class. They engaged in several forms of new learning. They experimented for the first time with Animoto, Prezi, and Google presentations as a means of demonstrating their work in a persuasive writing unit. The students created websites about their mentor authors in a literature author study unit.The web sites were shared via Twitter with the authors. Several of the authors contacted the class via Tweets and one came to visit and speak to the class. The digital involvement saw an increase in engagement, collaboration, motivation, and critical thinking in these eleven year olds. Hope you enjoy their work.

Author Study Links:

Persuasive Writing Projects:

Exemplary High School Digital Writing

Exemplary College and University Digital Writing